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21 Jan

Due to the controversy around this recent post on where I originally mentioned Splunk. I thought it would be appropriate to write a post clarifying my comments. The Splunk reference was later removed due to some objections from them ([…]

9 Dec

Since early 2004, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market was my home. I invested a lot of effort into the community and the overall expansion of the ECM methodologies and importance. Now I’ve turned my back on ECM, and many[…]

2 Oct

You live in or near Silicon Valley. You are driven and ready to build your own startup. But there is a weird thing that happens when you cross the 580 Dublin grade. It is harder to find that startup mojo[…]

5 May

Maybe you have already heard the terms “Programmable Infrastructure” and “Infrastructure as code”.  But even if you have not, if you are interested in DevOps it’s something you need to know.   Most new lingo causes me to roll my eyes[…]

29 Apr

Perhaps wrongly, “DevOps” has been associated with “new” and “that thing for the cool kids” and the “hipster developers”. This is used both as an excuse and as a source of animosity against the movement. But more subtly, I sometimes[…]

25 Apr

None of the experts in DevOps will 100% agree on WHAT it is.  But the essence is understood.  DevOps is some combination of culture, tooling, and processes that enhance the quality and speed of software delivery.  In the remainder of this post[…]

8 Apr

Re-Post from my original post on the CloudShare blog Maybe it’s a little bit of manifest destiny, but I couldn’t help but notice that one of my new year’s predictions is already coming true: Namely that it’s only late February and I’m[…]

23 Mar

Recently I decided to migrate this blog, yep this one, from it’s original WordPress multi-tenant host to a WordPress site on Azure Websites.  It took a few attempts to get it right, here was the process.

19 Jan

Just when we thought we picked out a name for our beautiful little girl we discovered this.  Right there, number 5, “Ava”, THEY STOLE OUR NAME.

10 Jan

Face it, if you are a born and raised .NET Client/Server developer like me, you are now old school.  I have been aware of this fact for several years now, but not until late 2013 did it start bothering me[…]