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21 Jan

Due to the controversy around this recent post on where I originally mentioned Splunk. I thought it would be appropriate to write a post clarifying my comments. The Splunk reference was later removed due to some objections from them ([…]

9 Dec

Since early 2004, the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) market was my home. I invested a lot of effort into the community and the overall expansion of the ECM methodologies and importance. Now I’ve turned my back on ECM, and many[…]

20 Nov

These days we take our ability to download software updates over the internet for granted, but this task wasn’t always as seamless or mindless as it is now. In fact, it used to be downright unpleasant. As recently as the[…]

24 Oct

It started as a term on Broadway: investors who fund theatrical productions were called “angels.” These days it has come to mean an investor who provides capital funding for a business startup, usually for convertible debt or ownership equity. They can[…]

17 Oct

So far, you’ve built your business right, and now you’re looking for investors. You invested some of your own money, and you have a good track record. You avoided a lavish budget, and your ask is reasonable for your field[…]

13 Oct

When the topic of changing company culture comes up, oftentimes there is significant resistance—especially in older companies. Employees are used to the way they do things, and they like it that way. But, for example, the speed with which software[…]

2 Oct

You live in or near Silicon Valley. You are driven and ready to build your own startup. But there is a weird thing that happens when you cross the 580 Dublin grade. It is harder to find that startup mojo[…]

1 Oct

In psychological terms, a process addiction is a condition similar to substance addiction—without the substance. Often referred to as an “invisible addiction,” there are usually no outward signs the person is suffering. But just because the person is addicted to[…]

17 Sep

A hushed and expectant crowd packs a dimly-lit auditorium. Everyone is waiting for the moment to happen. Then it does: from the side he strides onto the stage, tall and thin in his jeans and black turtleneck, and the crowd[…]

12 Sep

Competition is one of those rare things that can be both good and bad—sometimes at the same time! Glancing through historical quotes about competition gives us Walt Disney’s take: “I’ve been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t[…]